Start with the experience and knowledge you’ll get with web design courses from Landmark Computers Academy. Our classes give you hands-on experience with design tools, including Photoshop, Animate, and Dreamweaver. With more people using the Internet, the future of retail, learning, and most other industries, is online. This means web designers are needed to create and maintain those websites. If you’re looking to use your creative skills in today’s digital landscape, the Web Design Professional course is for you.

This course will teach you web design skills. You will first learn best practices for the technologies that drive web functionality. You will then learn Creating, Styling, and Validating Forms, and take a deep dive into Bootstrapping to further your knowledge of web development. 

Web Design Course has always been one of the most lucrative jobs which attract thousands of educated youngsters every year. Web design is one of the important departments in any company and without which creative and beautiful website design cannot be imagined. Because of a promising career, the scope for creativity, high paying salary and challenging job, a lot of youngsters opt for a career as a web designer.

Landmark Computers Academy is one of the best Web Design Training center in Lagos which assures you of high-quality, placement focused and real-world projects based training. Does this mean that you have to shell out thousands of rupees for getting this advance and current industry oriented course? No, not at all, our course fee is much less than other web design training institutes in Lagos.

This course will provide in-depth insights in the world of web design and covers from how HTML works to more advanced structures and concepts of web design before finally creating quality layout.  Our Web design course will also dedicate ample time in website evaluation, quality assessment and feedback systems to further enhance the quality of website being designed. Real time work scenarios and practical examples are key features of this training program and off course project work will enable students to implement the knowledge and harness skill they have acquired during the training.

There is a growing demand in the Web development industry for competent individuals to design, build and maintain cohesive and responsive Web sites. Students will demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, design, display and produce Web pages demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the technology and software applications used to create them. This will allow students to meet the various needs of client or company Web site endeavors. 

Course Outline:


  • Planning and Designing Website
  • HTML: The Language for creating web pages
  • CSS: Styling web pages
  • JavaScript: A language to make web pages interactive
  • Bootstrap: A framework to build responsive web pages
  • SEO: The process to improve search engine rankings
  • Adding more features on your Website
  • Publishing your site


  • Designing a website effectively
  • Implementing templates
  • Setting-up plugins and widgets
  • Configuring sliders and menus
  • Uploading, optimizing and managing website


  • Finding a great related theme
  • Theme Options
  • Troubleshooting with theme options & wp default options
  • Artisteer; download, usage, tips & tricks
  • Contact and other Forms
  • Web Statistics
  • Anti Spam and More...

  • Duration : 6 Weeks (Weekdays & Weekend Classes)

    Training Fee : 120k

    Payment Method : 2 Installment

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    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria

    Why Landmark
    Computers As Your Web
    Design Training Partner?

    Landmark Computers has been the pioneer in the training industry with an enviable track record of student placements. It is recognized as one of the best Web Design training institutes in Lagos because it offers the students a comprehensive course module. The trained professionals guide the students not only in the course but also in the placement support and interview preparation. Our Web Design training in Lagos is at par with the current industry standards. After the course completion from the best Web Design training institute in Lagos, the students can always be confident of getting hired by any of the reputed organizations.

    What You'll Learn

    Learn to create great websites. Gain professional perspective and design websites based on the key objectives set. Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each topic deliver according even beyond student’s expectation..

    Web Fundamentals

    Learn how to design beautiful websites with HTML5 and CSS3. By the end of this week, you will understand how the browser client works with HTML & CSS and learn essential web design workflows and best practices.

    Mobile Responsive Design

    With more than 50% of web browsing being done on mobile phones it’s imperative for developers to learn how to build mobile responsive websites.

    Website Design Workflow

    Designing websites can be fun, but without a process, you’ll be wasting a lot of time unnecessarily iterating and revising designs. In this week, we’ll be teaching you how to use the web design workflow and Boostrap 4 – this are must have skills for front-end web developers.

    SQL Databases

    You will learn how to design relational database schemas, write SQL queries to create, read, update and delete data from a database. Databases are prevalent everywhere from startups to global multinational companies. This skill is useful for many careers including business analyst, software developers, data scientist and much more.

    PHP code course

    Server side language works on managing your database, Creating database, Inserting, updating and deleting records. Once you understand all the queries and codes of this language you become expert in handling any complex database, tables and fields. Scope and demand in industry is increasing day by day. Developing social media websites, Product galleries or shopping cart is all done by PHP.

    Adding content to websites

    Welcome to the third module of ‘Responsive Web Design’ By the end of this module, you will be able to separate page structure from page content, use JavaScript objects and implement JavaScript templates with Handlebars as well as being able to display different data with the same template and the same data with different templates. Finally we will be looking at using a Bootstrap modal. We hope you enjoy the module!

    Boostrap Fundamentals

    Learn one of the hottest frameworks that will help you build powerful modern front-end web experiences for users. Developers who know this Boostrap are highly sought after across all corners of the world. You will learn Boostrap by building an Instagram-clone, earning you practical hands-on experience.

    Building Interactive Features

    Ever visited an online store with an interactive product gallery? That’s just one of the features to learn. In this week, you’ll learn how to build interactive features for your website such as a dynamic image gallery, and a word guessing game

    APIs & Libraries

    Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how to utilize external information (using APIs) and use open sourced libraries to build your website features quicker!


    This is a Content management software and anybody can covers it in few hours of time. Helps to manage database and PHP codes in easy manner. Works more advance and is also demanded by the companies. In these PHP code becomes easy and one can work fast on database. Managing themes, users, settings all is done with a click of mouse. Millions of plugins make these software more option able.

    Web design principles

    By the end of this module you will be able to understand the basic concepts of usability and user experience and tell the user where they can go with navbars. In addition you will be able to tell the user what is here with effective layout and understand the high level requirements of creating an accessible website. We hope you enjoy the module!

    Group Project

    In group project week, you’ll learn how to work in a team to solve problems surrounding a given theme, like Marketing, Travel, Lifestyle, Community etc. You’ll get a chance to pitch your group project to the public on the last day of bootcamp.

    These 2 weeks will be one of the most satisfying weeks where you get to brainstorm an idea and build an application of your own, all while having mentors guide you when you get stuck.

    Choose the perfect plan

    With Landmark Computers Academy, Web Design Training has never been simpler! You can be starting your IT career or taking your current IT skills to the next level in just a few short weeks. Our learning system gives you all of the benefits of a live class at just a fraction of the cost.


    Web Design

    • Responsive Design
    • WordPress
    • Web design principles​
    • Live Project


    Graphics Design

    • Photoshop
    • CorelDraw
    • Indesign
    • Illustrator



    • Camera & Lence
    • Snapping & Recording
    • Real Editing
    • Photo Effects
    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria


    The journey begins from here. Anyone who wants to start a career in the field of web design or development can join this training. PHP programmer can acquire web designing skills so that they can handle problems related to design and layout themselves. Graphic designer who wants to scale up and transform their pre-press and mockup designing skills to website design. No any prior technical or computer knowledge is required to start this training. Anyone who is interested in web design can join this course. However, we expect the participants to be familiar in operating computer systems.

    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria



    At first the website is designed using software like Photoshop, fireworks and illustrator. Any graphics editing software can be used for web designing. There are other website designing tools as well. The layout designed at this stage is called mockup. A web designer should be familiar with all the latest tools and techniques along with the website design trends to make the look of the website professional.

    Here in this section we will give the knowledge of color selection in order to make the look of the website professional. Along with color selection typography also plays a vital role in enhancing the overall look of the website. During this training session web designing training students are taught to design various types of web interfaces.

    During our web designing training session we normally teach the tools of the Photoshop to generate professional website mockup. You can check the details of Photoshop syllabus using the link below.

    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria



    Once the mockup is finalized after discussion with the client we go for XHTML/CSS generation. To generate a valid XHTML/CSS web designer should have a good knowledge of it. While coding websites in XHTML/CSS one should write the optimized code following the guidelines of SEO. Web designer can also make use of online validator provided by w3c validate to check the validity of their code.

    While writing HTML and CSS for the website web designer should consider the size of the website, its load time, cross browser compatibility issues, usability (navigation structure) and the look itself.

    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria



    At this stage students are given knowledge of html5 and css3. Web is now moving towards the concept of semantic web. Hence, the concept of html5 and its use while designing websites is very important. We will also teach media-queries in css3 which will help to generate fluid websites which are compatible at different screen size. Generating responsive websites are discussed in this section.

    Some of the commonly used html5 tags like header, footer, nav, section, article, figure, canvas, aside, video, audio,  fig caption are introduced in this section. Each html5 tag has its own semantic value thus the use of it has to be proper.

    During CSS 3 session students are given the knowledge of media queries which are the foundation of responsive website. Along with media queries students are also taught some of the advanced concepts like css3 border-radius, css3 box-shadow, css3 text-shadow, css3 gradients, css3 transformation and transitions, css3 text effects and web fonts, concepts of font-face.

    Creating a responsive website design is the key objective of this training module.



    At this point we give a week class of JavaScript where we teach how to code in JavaScript. JavaScript and Jquery are highly used these days to give animations in the website. Some of the common task that we practice in JavaScript and Jquery are integrating image slider, video gallery, content slider, light box, accordion menu, JavaScript tabs and so on.

    Jquery is one of the popular Javascript framework, like JQuery lots of other JavaScript based framework are used like AccDC, Ample SDK, AngularJS, CupQ, DHTMLX, Dojo, Echo3, Enyo, Ext JS, Google Web Toolkit, midori and so on.

    During this training module we help students to code in Jquery. Students will at least develop a JQuery based image gallery. This will help them to understand how JQuery codes are written.

    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria



    Developing a website along is not enough if a student does not have a concept of domain and web hosting. Hence, the web hosting and domain registration module is incorporated in web designing training to give students insights on how to make a website live after it is developed locally. We give a detailed information on how domains are registered and how we can publish websites in the remote server using cpanel and ftp. We will teach how to operate cpanel during this module.

    Finally students are assigned a project work and asked to publish websites. Normally 2 to 3 different varieties of website are developed by the students as a project work. for e.g. ecommerce website, news portal, organization website etc. After finishing this course one can start working as a web designer or a CSS developer. It is in high demand in Nepal itself.

    UX/UI Design Bootcamp

    With our UX/UI design training, you’ll learn the basics of design thinking, interaction design and state-of-the-art design software. Once you’ve received instructions for setting up your tools, you’ll complete specially designed exercises to Create your first usability evaluations and site redesign, Develop your design sensitivity through fascinating activities, Perform basic HTML and CSS practice work that is essential for the bootcamp’s design implementation section. This course will take you through the concepts of user research for better user experience and application of design principles, while creating wireframes, mockups, prototypes, etc. User Interface Design is a process of visually directing the user through a product’s interface through interactive elements and across all sizes/platforms. Enhancing the Look & Feel as well as its Responsiveness & Interactivity can be the main role of an UI designer. The various activities to be carried out by a UX designer would be - Customer Analysis, Design planning, Branding and Graphic development, UI Prototyping, Interactivity and animation, Adaptation to all device screen size, Coordination with developers etc.

    Web Design Training in Lagos, Nigeria

    Web Design Training FAQ’S

    Yes, you can. Website Design is the heart of your online presence. It’s the first impression a new customer has of your business, so your website’s design plays an important part in influencing that impression. If a website is poorly designed, it will drive leads away. They will seek out another business causing you to lose business to your competitors.

    To attract leads, you need a professionally designed website that entices and engages them. This will help you keep your leads on your page so that you earn more conversions for your business.

    Your website is an extension of your brand, so its design should reflect your business. It is important that you pick a design that fits your brand because it is how people will remember you. Your type of business determines your design. If you are a graphic design company, you may have a web design that is more elaborate. On the other hand, a doctor’s office has a design that is simple and reflective of their business.

    Overall, you want to choose colors and designs that make your target audience think of your brand. This will help you build your brand recognition and create a sense of association with your businesses. By choosing a clean and modern design that reflects your company, you will keep leads on your page longer.

    Your navigation is one of the most important parts of your website. When people want to find information on your site, they use your navigation. You want people to find the right pages without struggle. When you design your navigation, you need to ensure that it is simple and easy to use. You want to create broad headings that can include specific subheadings. This will help you keep your website organized as well as help your visitors find information.

    If you have poor navigation, users won’t find information. They will struggle to find the right pages. This will cause them to leave your site and pick a competitor’s site. To keep leads engaged on your website longer, create a functional navigation that helps them find the right information.

    One of the most important things you need for your website is a responsive design. Responsive design is extremely important because it affects how users experience your site. When your website has a responsive design, it adapts to the device a user uses. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a desktop, both users see your site in a way that fits their device. This is extremely important to keeping users engaging on your site.

    If your website appears like the desktop version on every device, users will struggle to use your site. The words and links are too small, and users would need to zoom in to see everything. They can’t view your page on a mobile phone, in its entirety, if it is designed like your desktop design. This kind of design is essential to your website because it enables mobile and tablet users to view your website properly. They have a seamless experience that enables them to enjoy their time on your website. This keeps leads on your website longer, regardless of the device they use.

    By implementing a responsive design, you will capture more leads and keep them engaged with your business’ website.

    Many leads will skim your site to find information. They are looking for a particular piece of information, so they will look through your site quickly to find it. This is especially true of mobile users.

    You need to create a design that makes it easy for user to skim your pages. It is important that they find the right information quickly. You can design your website to make it easy for your audience to skim your site. To provide them with a positive experience, you need to make your website easy to read.

    Visual elements are an important part of your design. You don’t want your site to be bogged down by text. This can deter away leads. By including visual elements like photos, videos, and infographics, you catch your visitor’s interest because they take the time to look at visual elements. It is a great way to break up text and keep them interested in your page.

    One of the best elements to include on your page is a video, which can have a huge impact on your audience. In fact, consumers are 10 times more likely to interact with a video than text. This interaction with the videos means you keep leads engaged. When you keep leads engaged, you earn more conversions for your business. Utilizing visual elements to earn more leads and conversions for your business.

    Yes! Social media is a great way to help your leads connect with your business. When you create your design, you want to include social media buttons. If your leads are on social media, it is a quick way to connect them directly to your page. They can choose to follow your page if they are interested.

    Social media helps you build a direct connection with leads, so it is important that you incorporate these buttons on your site. Use social media buttons, to help your business connect with better leads that can earn you conversions.

    Many businesses make the mistake of omitting calls to action (CTA) on their pages. This is one of the most vital pieces of your site because it prompts your leads to take action. In addition, when users come to your site and like the information they see, they may not know what steps to take next.

    By integrating CTA buttons, you can guide them to the next step in order to move them towards conversion. By including CTA buttons in your design that stand out, you will earn more conversions for your business.

    We only use the industry’s finest instructors in the IT industry. They have a minimum of 10 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefit of hands-on training with the flexibility of doing it around your schedule 24/7.

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