Landmark Computers Academy Digital Marketing Training In Lagos & Abuja is transforming the way any business used to be conducted before this revolution. The marketers now have a different perception and approach for the customers. When the marketing initiatives combine with the IT technology, we get what is known as the digital marketing. Landmark Computers provides the best digital marketing course in Lagos that will help you know what digital promotion is all about.

Digital Marketing Training In Lagos & Abuja (Intro)

The best digital marketing course in Lagos provided by Landmark Computers Academy uses sophisticated digital media and IT technology to help you prepare to market the products and services. The course, together with the practical aspects, helps you to gain a better understanding of marketing principles and other relevant areas in digital marketing. Get the edge with this unique digital marketing training in Lagos & Abuja by Landmark Computers that will help you master the advance principle and concept of digital marketing.

Skills you are about to get in this digital marketing Training are in great demand in the job industry. Every organization is looking to widen its market and grow internationally. Hone your skills further by enrolling yourself for the best digital marketing course in Lagos provided by Landmark Computers. Once you are qualified as a Online digital marketing expert, you can easily get jobs in the field of marketing, brand management, market research, and marketing management. The companies are always on the lookout for a fully trained digital marketer, who is ready and willing to help the company take their online presence to new heights.

You Need It

Gain massive experience from the best digital marketing course in Lagos & Abuja by enrolling yourself here at Landmark Computers Academy. This training will helps you to kick-start your digital marketing career. This digital marketing course will informs you about the way social media advertising works. It helps from professionals to understand the ever-changing algorithms of the marketing industry and assist them to use the right advertising tactics to get the best results. The trained professionals have the option to start their own digital marketing business that might be of benefit to them.

If you desire to pursue a career in the online marketing industry or you are an entrepreneur, then join the best Digital Marketing Training in Lagos & Abuja Today from Landmark Computers Academy. You are sure to become a master of this online business!
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Online bidding, Startup & Entrepreneurial Support

Course Outline:


  • Core Marketing Concepts
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing & Inbound Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Local promotion
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • App Store Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing & Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Google Adsense


  • Influencer Marketing Integrated
  • Digital Marketing & Branding Strategies
  • Digital Payment System
  • Digital Tools
  • E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling
  • Freelancing & Earning Money in Legit Ways
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Internship & Live Client
  • Projects

  • Duration : 6 Weeks (Weekdays & Weekend Classes)

    Training Fee : 120k

    Payment Method : 2 Installment

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    Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria

    Why Landmark Computers
    As Your Digital Marketing
    Training Center?

    Landmark Computers has been the pioneer in the training industry with an enviable track record of student placements. It is recognized as one of the best Digital Marketing training institutes in Lagos & Abuja because it offers all students a comprehensive course module. The trained professionals guide the students not only in the course but also in the placement support and interview preparation. Our Digital Marketing training in Lagos & Abuja is at par with the current industry standards. After the course completion this Digital Marketing training, the students can always be confident of getting hired by any of the reputed organizations.

    What You'll Learn

    Learn to create great Marketing Campaigns. Gain a marketer’s perspective and design campaigns based on the key objectives set. Find out how to segment your customers and identify channels to communicate with them.

    Marketing Fundamentals

    Learn to create great marketing campaigns. Gain a marketer’s perspective and design campaigns based on the key objectives set. Find out how to segment your customers and identify channels to communicate with them.

    Social Media Marketing

    Consumers and businesses are increasingly spoiled for choice. Learn to convince skeptical customers to choose you. Also, find out how to increase customer loyalty on social media to create trust and relationship.

    Content Marketing​

    A huge part of marketing is centered around content. Learn how to craft effective content marketing campaigns, and use it to compliment your other digital marketing channels. You will see how good content strategy helps generate a higher ROI.

    Email Marketing​

    Marketing is more than just driving traffic to your website and hoping for the best. Learn how to influence your customers through email marketing. You will also learn how to integrate an email provider software within your customers' journey.

    Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)​

    Are you missing out on potential customers when they search for your product? Address that with proper Search Engine Marketing! Google Adwords, while important, can be unnecessarily costly. Learn to launch effective search advertising campaigns based on Google’s best practices.

    Other Marketing Channels​

    Learn what and how to use various other channels (videos, referrals, influencers etc.) for your business to complete the package of a great customer experience.

    Website & Landing Page Optimization

    How will your website stand out from a million others? Learn what makes a good website, and understand the difference between landing- and sales-pages. Identify key objectives of a web page, and explore various platforms to create great converting websites.

    Tracking and Measuring

    Is your advertising campaign giving you good return on ad spend? Learn how to utilize tracking software such as Google Analytics. Understand the importance of tracking and measuring, as well as interpreting data to optimize your campaigns.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

    The idea of free traffic is indeed attractive. However, it takes effort and time to rank highly for targeted keywords. Learn how to perform SEO both on-site and off-site to ensure that man-hours invested for SEO purposes turn into a good long-term investment.

    Facebook & Instagram Advertising

    Avoid the common pitfalls of social media advertising and create great campaigns that will generate a healthy ROI. Learn what retargeting is, how it can increase your conversion, and how to do it well on Facebook.

    Display Advertising​

    Learn Google Display Network. Don't lose valuable traffic from potential customers. Reach them effectively through display advertising. Maximize the potential reach of your business using one of the largest advertising platforms available.

    Growth Hacking​

    Go beyond the tools and adopt the growth hacker mindset. Learn what it takes to grow your company with ideas that are out of the box. Review case studies of innovative companies that have growth hacked their way to success.

    Choose the perfect plan

    With Landmark Computers Academy, Digital Marketing Training has never been simpler! You can be starting your IT career or taking your current IT skills to the next level in just a few short weeks. Our learning system gives you all of the benefits of a live class at just a fraction of the cost.



    Class Room Training

    • Real-life Case Studies
    • Live Instructor-Led Training
    • Biggest pool of Industry Experts
    • 24x7 learner assistance and support
    • Assignments
    • Dedicated Job-Portal
    • Projects
    • 24 x 7 Expert Support!



    Corporate Training

    • Blended learning delivery model
    • Course Customization
    • Flexible pricing options
    • Learning Analytics
    • Real Cisco Labs
    • Certifications
    • Projects
    • 24x7 Support


    Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria
    Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria

    After the course, you will have many options with unlimited earning potentials with no location barrier. You will make back your investment on this course as far as you are ready to take action.

    1. This is a golden opportunity with over 50 job roles, you can work in with an average starting salary of ₦100,000 to unlimited depending on your negotiation skills. You will make back the course fee in 2 to 3 months.

    2. Even more amazing, you can start an agency and charge any amount you want in exchange for your service. The best part of this is that you will be on a retainer meaning they will pay you monthly. You will make your money back here with just 1 or 2 clients.

    3. Isn’t this awesome, even if I have a job or run an agency, I can make an extra $1,000 plus in recurring income from affiliate marketing. You will double your income and make back your money with profit.

    4. This is great, if you have a business, you will drive your business awareness and acquire more customers spending less while making more money. You will simply profit and increase your revenue and sales faster – making back the money is an understatement.

    5. You don’t need an online or eCommerce business. We’ll show you how to start a profitable online or eCommerce business and turn it into a sustainable money-making venture. Then we’ll show you how to scale it and automate it, so it earns you revenue every month — automatically. You will start a profitable online or eCommerce business and make your money back.

    You will actually learn as you implement what we teach you in our practical digital marketing course and most importantly, you will get results from what we teach you when you implement or you get 100% of your money back if you can prove to us that you implemented consistently what you learnt from us for at least 3 months and have used our resources and support we have made available to you.


    The course is geared to pay for itself. Your next job or clients will pay for this in a single month or 2. We expect everyone to get at least 10x returns from this in their first year. These skills will serve you profitably for many years to come. After the course, you will have many options with unlimited earning potentials with no location barrier. You will make back your investment on this course as far as you are ready to take action. (Plus, we would also go as far as giving you $100 of our own cash added to your refund, just to say "sorry for wasting your time if you do not succeed after putting so much effort into implementing what we have taught you"). We guarantee you will get GREAT RESULTS if you are committed to implementing what you will learn from us and use the resources and support we provide to ensure you succeed. Our course is not for you if you are looking for overnight success or looking for miracle without putting the effort to implement (anyone that promise you success without implementing is a scam). We're confident in our course because it has been tested by over 2,438 people in various countries with 96.7% business and career success rate!

    Digital Marketing Training in Lagos, Nigeria


    The best part is that you will learn Digital Marketing hands-on by implementing real-world live campaigns yourself and start seeing real results even before you finish the course.


    You’ll have someone to answer your questions every day, during and after the course in our coaching community, which means that you’re never left stuck and frustrated if you hit an obstacle or need clarification on something… and you don’t have to lose momentum.

    And, just in case all of that’s not enough support, you’ll have unlimited 1-on-1 email access to our team of experts.

    You will be trained, coached and mentored by internationally experienced digital marketing experts (you really can’t find what this cover offers anywhere else). Our digital marketing course is built for you to success.

    By now we are sure you can see the true value you’ll get from this course.

    What you do not know is that if you bought all of what you will learn in our digital marketing course separately, the real cost would be a minimum of ₦1,100,000.

    But you won’t pay anywhere near that, you will be getting great value at the best market price with us.

    You will be learning the Digital Marketing Skills you need to succeed practically:

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals - Customer Avatar (Define your Ideal Target Audience), Competition Research, Conversion or sales Funnel and Conversion Rate Optimization (Value ₦35,000).
  • Growth Hacking and Viral Marketing - Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning plus how to integrate traditional marketing into digital marketing effectively (Value ₦40,000).
  • Starting and Growing a Digital Marketing Agency, Online Business, Freelance, Business, and Career (Value ₦30,000).
  • Build your WordPress Website - you will build an eCommerce site, Blog, Forum, and Directory (Value ₦40,000).
  • Email Marketing and Lead Generation - Landing Page, Lead Magnet, Email Funnel Automation, Email Newsletter (Value ₦40,000).
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), blogging and Content Marketing (Value ₦35,000).
  • Online Advertising - Includes Google AdWords, Artificial Intelligence Ads, Pay perClick, Native Ads, Programmatic and Retargeting (Value ₦40,000).
  • Web Analytics (Value ₦30,000).
  • Social Media Marketing and Analytics - Includes Artificial Intelligence Social BOT (Value ₦40,000).
  • Social Media Advertising - Includes Artificial Intelligence Social Advertising (Value ₦40,000).
  • Video and Mobile Marketing (Value ₦30,000).

  • Why we have added 9 bonuses worth over ₦660,000 for 100% FREE if you pay today to secure your space

  • Free Bonus #1: 1 Year Coaching Community Access for Support, Mentorship and Accountability (Worth ₦100,000)
  • Free Bonus #2: Access to $3,400 Worth of Digital Marketing Toolkit (Worth ₦60,000)
  • Free Bonus #3: How to Build A Successful Digital Marketing Agency Blueprint (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Free Bonus #4: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting A Job Through LinkedIn Blueprint (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Free Bonus #5: Get Listed in our Recruitment Database and be visible to over 10,000 companies (Worth ₦40,000)
  • Free Bonus #6: Access Advance Career Support - Job alert, CV re-writing and interview prepping (Worth ₦40,000)
  • Free Bonus #7: Exclusive Access to Practical Case Study Library (Worth ₦50,000)
  • Free Bonus #8: Access to Execution Guideline and Template (Worth ₦100,000)
  • Free Bonus #9: Online Business and Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (Worth ₦30,000)
  • Free Bonus #10: Life Time Updates to the Course Materials (Worth ₦450,000)
  • Free Food Inclusive: We will cater for your lunch break as well as your snacks, coffee and tea break

  • Just think about it

    The value of this course is amazing especially because you will also be trained to pass and earn 6 globally recognized international digital marketing certifications with Professional Diploma in Digital MarketingGoogle, Facebook, Twitter, Bing by Microsoft and Landmark Computers Academy Training Certificate that is recognized and respected around the world (you can work anywhere in the world).

    Yes, our certificates are internationally recognized as we are LinkedIn Authorized Education Provider. Some of our students have used these certificates to relocate to Canada, United States, United Kingdom and other countries.

    This is truly amazing, what you will learn will make you more money than the amount of time and money you will invest in this course (plus, we want to show you that we are really interested in your success and we want to ensure you succeed

    Before I forget, one of the many perks of our digital marketing course is the ability to get your digital marketing campaign reviewed by our experts and spend 90 Minutes Per Week with our experts through our online platform to mentor you, train you, give you support and answer all your questions on up-to-date actionable digital marketing strategies that would skyrocket your business growth, boost your brand awareness and make you a lot of money online faster…You will enjoy this for an entire one year…

    Wow, this is really amazing and exciting, all these bonuses for FREE plus it is 100% risk-free – this course is absolutely better than other digital marketing courses out there. I am sure you will agree that our course significantly better than other courses out there.

    Awesome, you still reading that means you are interested, you can join our weekday, weekend or online classes (below are details of the course date, cost and how to pay to secure your space).


    If you miss this one because you are hesitating to register to attend our next course then you will join a waiting list and end up attending in 2 or 3 months’ time (plus you might pay more if you want to join the course at any time other than right now because the course is presently discounted and price will go back to ₦350,000).

    Asides from the fact that we are selling out fast, pay now and get access to our pre-training materials and our Ever-growing Digital Marketing Training Library of over 100 tutorial videos and resources worth over $867 (₦312,120) to start learning immediately.

    Now you can see why people are registering fast – some of our students already start making money or even get a job before the actual training start using the over 100 templates, guides, resources, toolkit, and videos in our Ever-growing Digital Marketing Training Library. You really want to get your hand on this TODAY.

    Because we really do not want you to miss out on our course and have to wait a month or 2, so here is a deal, if you register TODAY for our digital marketing course, we will send you immediate access to an online training that is regularly sold for $1000 that about ₦360,000 by one of our international partners on inbound digital marketing (The best part is that at the end of the training, you will earn an international certificate plus this skill can make you a lot of money). We really want you to get nothing less than mind-blowing value from our digital marketing course. We want to train and support you to achieve real success.


    You’ve heard others give the tired old line of “we only succeed when you succeed.” With this guarantee, we have taken our commitment to your success one step further. Because not only do we only succeed when you succeed but if you FAIL, it will cost us money (your refund plus $100).

    Total Value for the Course: 

    OVER ₦1,100,000 but, you won’t pay anywhere near that.
    And that's not all, once you make payment today, you will get access to our ever-growing digital marketing library with over 100 video tutorials and resources worth over $867 (₦312,120) to start learning immediately.

    Just to mention a few of the resources:

  • Video Course: How to Set Up Your Webinar Funnel While Getting the Highest Conversions - Discover The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Prepare, Present, Host, And Execute a Successful Webinar!
  • Video Course: How to make at least $1,500 as a freelancers from international clients.  
  • Video Course: The step by step guide to make money on Fiverr.
  • Video Course: The step by step guide to make money as an Amazon Affiliate.
  • Video Course: The step by step guide to make money from YouTube.

  • you have nothing to lose

    Just imagine if you can get access to the entire library today and start implementing today (one of the best feature of our course).

    But, the sad news is that because of the high level of support, coaching and mentor-ship you will get we take only 18 people per class and our classes gets filled up fast - we literally have people on a waiting list to attend our course simply because it is significantly better than other digital marketing courses out there.We get 85% of our new registrants from referrals from people that have attended our course in the past because they are succeeding (we surely are doing something right).You need to act fast and pay to secure your space to attend our next course.

    Remember you have nothing to lose If you implement what you are taught consistently with our support for 3 months and still have not seen any measurable results, you will get your money back. This means you really can’t lose because we have made it 100% risk-free for you.

    Connect with Us

    Landmark Computers Academy Is here with one objective of bridging the gap between Man and Technology by providing solutions beyond imagination


    Digital Marketing Training FAQ’S

    Digital Marketing is the process of promoting your business online. There are dozens of different strategies that can be a part of this process. All of these strategies are designed to improve brand awareness and consistently grow your business over time. With a minimal investment, digital marketing can change the future of your company by earning you more customers, bringing in more revenue, and achieving your business goals.

    Your customers are online. Internet marketing is so important because your customers are online. Considering that over 4.2 billion people are on the Internet, it’s a great opportunity for you to reach leads that are looking for your business. There are billions of people online just waiting to find your company.

    People use the Internet to find all types of information. They’re constantly conducting searches to find relevant information about businesses, products, and services. By investing in Internet marketing, you’re helping your company reach those interested leads.

    As we stated previously, your audience wants to feel like they matter to your business. They don’t want to just be another number. Effective Internet marketing creates a custom experience for each member in the audience. Personalized marketing enables you to customize your audience’s experience. You can create a tailored experience that fits their interests best.

    When people find your business, they’re going to come to your company for different reasons. Some people are interested in one type of product, while others are interested in another type. Personalizing these customers’ experiences to their interests creates a better experience for them.

    One of the biggest hurdles with traditional advertising is obtaining interested leads. When you use traditional advertising, you don’t know how many valuable leads you will reach. Your advertisements appear in front of interested and uninterested leads, which makes it difficult to drive an abundance of quality traffic.

    Internet Marketing is important because it helps you drive more qualified traffic. You reach more leads that are interested in your business. The ability to target specific leads helps you drive traffic that takes interest in your company. You can target leads specifically by different characteristics.

    Internet Marketing allows you to target by demographic information, socioeconomic status, hobbies, interests, or spending habits. You can get very precise with your targeting to ensure that you’re only reaching leads you know will be interested in your business. Effective Internet marketing will help you reach the right leads at the right time.

    When you want more people to check out your business, you must increase your business’s visibility. It can be challenging to do this through offline tactics because you don’t have much control over who sees your marketing materials. With Online Marketing, you expose your business to hundreds of people.

    The Internet is constantly marketing for your business. People can access your website or your Social Media 24/7. This means that your business is visible to your audience at all times. In addition, you can use other digital marketing methods to reach your audience and increase your brand’s visibility. A few strategies include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), and even Video Marketing.

    It allows you to multitask. The importance of online marketing also includes its ability to run multiple campaigns at once. The Internet makes it easy for you to take on a high level of customers and provide them with a quality experience.

    You can handle millions of customers at one time when they’re on your website. Your website can take on multiple transactions, which allows you to obtain more conversions for your business. It’s a great opportunity to grow your business.

    In addition, you can run multiple marketing campaigns at once. This means you can reach leads through multiple channels at the same time, maximizing your business’s reach. You’ll earn more valuable leads by investing in Internet Marketing.

    If you want to remain in competition with your competitors, you must invest in Internet marketing. Your competitors are already investing in different Internet marketing methods and working to obtain new leads. If you aren’t investing in Internet marketing, you’re falling behind your competition.

    To keep up with your competitors, you must establish an effective online marketing campaign. It will help you obtain leads and prevent you from losing them to your competitors.

    Yes! Your time is valuable. Any time you can save means you have extra time to work on other important projects. With Internet marketing, you can create and run campaigns quickly.
    For instance, creating a PPC campaign can take very little time. You select your keywords, select your bid, format your ad, and launch. It’s a quick and easy way for you to start obtaining Valuable Leads.

    We only use the industry’s finest instructors in the IT industry. They have a minimum of 10 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields. This creates a personal learning experience and gives you all the benefit of hands-on training with the flexibility of doing it around your schedule 24/7.

    You can write to us at You can call on the following numbers +234 0703 803 5987

    Digital Marketing Course Module Topics List

    • Domain & Hosting Purchase
    • Domain & Hosting Integration
    • WordPress Installation
    • WordPress Overview
    • Blog Creation Overview
    • Woo Commerce Plugin Overview (E-commerce)
    • Contact Form Overview
    • Keyword Research
    • URL
    • Meta Title
    • Meta Description
    • Alt Text Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • LSI/Semantic SEO
    • Internal Link
    • External Link
    • H1 to H6
    • Panda
    • Penguin
    • Hummingbird
    • Pigeon
    • Mobilegeddon
    • EMD (Exact Match Domain)
    • RankBrain
    • Possum
    • Fred
    • What Is SEM?
    • Google Ads
    • Google Search Ads
    • Google Display Ads
    • How to Become A Freelancer In Digital Marketing? (Overview)
    • Affiliate Marketing (Overview)
    • Google AdSense/Ad mob (Overview)
    • How to Earn Money Online (Overview)
    • Website Local to Live Training (Overview)
    • Website Migration Training (WordPress)
    • How to Use Canva? (Infographic Resume)
    • Online Task Management (Overview)
    • Google Drive Management: Sheet, Docs, Slides (Overview)
    • SEO on: WordPress, Magneto. Open Cart, Core (Overview)
    • SEO Project Management & Report Creation (Overview)
    • Content Writing Skills Development (Overview)
    • What Is Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics Integration on Website
    • Google Analytics Overview
    • How Google Works?
    • What Is Search Engine Optimization?
    • Website Loading Speed
    • Website Architecture
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Sitemap.xml / Sitemap.html
    • Robots.txt
    • Google Search Console
    • .htaccess
    • 301/320 Redirection
    • 404
    • Canonical Tag
    • Non WWW to WWW Redirection
    • What Is Backlinks?
    • What Is Anchor Text?
    • Types of Anchor Text
    • Blog Commenting
    • Profile Creation
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Directory Submission
    • Article Submission
    • Q&A Submission
    • Video Submission
    • Images Sharing
    • White-Hat SEO
    • Black-Hat SEO
    • Grey-Hat SEO
    • Mailchimp Tool Integration
    • Email Template
    • Email Automation

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