5 Basic Switch Settings You Must Know

There are five configurations a network administrator should apply to a newly provisioned switch or router. Although application of these configurations may seem like common sense, 90% of devices I see are missing at least one of these settings, and about 75% are missing two or more. Use this checklist as an action item to […]

Types Of Switching You Need To Know

Advantages of Message Switching The first benefit compared to different switching is the road performance. In message switching the link or the line connecting distinctive target and destination nodes are maximum applied in a scientific and green way. The messages are forwarded via the road one after the opposite in a FIFO (first hotel first […]

12 Steps to Maximize your Home Wireless Network Security

In a few easy words, a fundamental domestic wi-fi network method connecting an Internet access point, including a cable from your Internet Service Provider, to a (wi-fi) router for you to permit multiple gadgets to connect with the network very quickly. In many cases, as soon as a Wireless router has been installed, we locate […]

Cisco CCNA Networking Strategies

Network administrators can take steps to help protect their wireless network from outside threats and attacks. Most hackers will post details of any loops or exploits online, and if they find a security hole, they will come in droves to test your wireless network with it. WEP is used for wireless networks. Always change your […]

Basic Networks Insight

Wireless networks or WiFi are the current generation most preferred medium of network connectivity but they are subjected to a lot of security issues. If the attacker has access to the network connection, then he can easily sniff the network packets from nearby location. They use sniffing to find the SSID and hacks wireless network, […]