Month: April 2020

Creating Quality Content In 2020 For Search Engines

Recall the last inquiry you composed into Google. Did you discover a blog entry on the search engine result page that stood out for you? Did you locate the content on the page supportive? Did the page offer a pertinent subsequent stage to keep learning and drawing in with your image? On the off chance […]

Ways To Improve Your Blog

Notwithstanding characterizing content columns, We should take a gander at the tone of its content. For a parent in search of answers for a young person lacking certainty, what will resound? A We educator talking about how to create character in small children, or the point of view of a once-irate high schooler who understands […]

7 Effective SEO Tips for Bloggers

Search engine optimization (SEO) gets negative criticism among bloggers. On one hand, search engines are one of the top traffic generators for most blogs. In any case, on the opposite end, there’s a deception that stating “SEO optimized content” signifies stuffing keywords into sections and headers, bringing about scarcely lucid blog entries. Notwithstanding, that is […]

Types Of Ethernet Networks

If you want to know about what is Ethernet, you must be aware of advanced technologies like Arduino development board, Raspberry pi and many more. Ethernet is a standard communication protocolembedded in software and hardware devices. It is used for building a local area network. The local area network is a computer network that interconnects […]

Planning And Cabling A Networks

For example, when allocating an IP address to a router interface that is the gateway for a LAN, it is common practice to use the first (lowest) or last (highest) address within the subnet range. This consistent approach aids in configuration and troubleshooting. Similarly, when assigning addresses to devices that manage other devices, using a […]

Planning And Cabling The Network

The third consideration we need to make is for the devices in our networks that may need management ip addresses. These IP addresses are the means to connecting to devices that we need to configure such as switches and wireless access points. Read More: 7 Effective SEO Tips For Bloggers For these devices, we need to […]

How To Configure A Cisco Console Router

This article takes a look at the common steps that are followed in setting up a console server, but first we must define exactly what a console server does.A console server is a device which, via serial ports, has access to the physical console port of several different devices commonly located in the same rack. […]

Subnetting And Subnet Masks Explained

135..1.1.25/21 Read More: How To Configure A Cisco Console Router  Simple Subnetting Exercise Questions The best way to learn to do subnetting is to try some examples. We will look a some common subnetting problems that arise when creating networks. 1 – You have been allocated a class C network address of how may hosts […]

Interview Questions for CCNA Subnetting

NW Address 1 st Host Last Host Broadcast Address & So on. So, as per the above table, the network address for given IP is and broadcast IP is The last valid IP is assigned to the Router that is Gateway. […]

Cisco Networking Basics IP Addressing

The concept of subnetting led to a large number of prefixes on the network. This led to an increase in the resources required for the routing tables that stored these prefixes. To overcome the effect of the increase in the number of prefixes, the standards defined a new concept called supernetting, which aggregated smaller prefixes […]