6 Ways to Get Paid As A Freelancer

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The gig economy has been blasting and apparently outsourcing is still on the ascent. As indicated by a study by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk (presently Upwork), in excess of 57 million Americans gain independent salary with many millions liable to follow. The investigation reports that freelancers should dwarf customary laborers by 2027.

In the event that you plan on outsourcing eventually in your vocation or you’re as of now doing it, one of the primary things you’ll have to make sense of is the way to acknowledge payments from customers.

Like anything, a few choices are superior to other people.

6 Forms of Payment for Freelancers


Accepting checks is probably the most straightforward approaches to get installment as a freelancer. The greatest bit of leeway is there are no charges for saving a check in to your ledger, making checks probably the best type of installment for some. The drawbacks to tolerating checks remember trusting that the check will show up for the mail and sitting tight for the check to clear in your financial balance. In the event that you need the funds accessible at the earliest opportunity, electronic installment choices may be better—yet you can’t beat the cost of checks.


PayPal is the most widely recognized type of installment freelancers get. It’s allowed to set up a record, and customers can pay you electronically when you complete your work. The cash shows up in a split second in your PayPal record and you can then effectively transfer funds to your checking or bank account. Transfers to your bank take in any event one business day, yet you can likewise utilize a PayPal plastic for moment spending from your PayPal balance.

The drawback? Expenses. For payments you get, hope to pay a 2.9 percent exchange expense, in light of the sum you get, in addition to $0.30. While that probably won’t appear a lot, it can indicate a huge number of dollars every year or more on the off chance that you acknowledge the vast majority of your payments through PayPal.

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Credit Cards

Freelancers can acknowledge charge cards as a type of installment, and clients may incline toward paying with plastic. These payments are ordinarily handled through PayPal or another online installment framework.

You can likewise buy your own charge card preparing hardware to acknowledge payments from customers. You’ll require remote charge card terminals and Visa handling programming or a vendor account. A few sellers have equipment that works with your cell phone, so you don’t really require the massive terminals you see at checkout counters. Remember that most freelancers who acknowledge charge cards use applications or other specialist organizations to get paid. For instance, you can assume praise cards utilizing your PayPal, Google Wallet, Wave, Square, or Quick Books account taking out the need to buy exorbitant gear.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The most effortless, fastest, and most economical approach to get paid is through an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Payments move legitimately from one financial balance to another without any applications or Master card handling organizations included. The exchange normally takes two to four business days to move from your customer’s bank to your bank, however once the cash is there, you don’t have to stress over transferring it again like you would with PayPal.

The burden of EFTs is that your bank or your customer’s bank needs to oblige those transfer demands. That is at times troublesome (or expensive) when you’re moving funds starting with one bank then onto the next. Along these lines, most customers that recruit freelancers like to utilize checks or online applications to pay their freelancers. Be that as it may, a customer with a powerful finance supplier might have the option to set up payments without any problem.

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Bookkeeping Software

In expansion to helping you track salary and costs, your bookkeeping programming may assist you with gathering payments. In addition, the income is naturally refreshed and connected to the customer when a similar assistance handles charging and bookkeeping. Projects like Quick Books or Fresh Books can make solicitations and make installment simple for your customers. They may even send updates and let you know whether customers have seen your receipt or not. In case you’re now utilizing a bookkeeping program, see whether it will likewise send solicitations and handle payments. You may need to pay an extra expense, just as exchange charges.

Square Cash

Similar to PayPal, Square Cash is an online alternative for freelancers to acknowledge payments. Rather than moving cash from your online record over to your financial balance, however, the cash goes straightforwardly into your financial records. Like an EFT, the funds take a few business days to show up in your record. The expense is additionally not as much as what PayPal charges at 2.75 percent of payments got. For individual use, sending cash starting with one individual then onto the next is for nothing out of pocket. Customers needn’t bother with a Square Cash account or application they can pay online at

Tips for Getting Paid

Make it easy.You ought to never start chipping away at an occupation until you have perused and marked an outsourcing contract. To forestall moderate payments, make it as basic as workable for customers to pay you. Give numerous alternatives so they can utilize the one they’re generally alright with. For instance, on solicitations, incorporate a “Pay Now” button, offer charge card payments, and incorporate directions for paying with a money order.

Receipt Often

Don’t stand by too long to even think about invoicing for the work you’ve finished. It’s vital to continue winning income, and invoicing can appear to be an interruption, but on the other hand it’s essential to gather the income that you acquire. In the event that you stand by excessively long, customers may require extra updates, and they may get the feeling that you’re in no race to get paid.

Follow Up

Sending a receipt doesn’t ensure installment. Set up a framework to guarantee that you’re really getting paid, and connect with customers who are delayed to pay. It’s conceivable that they’re occupied, but on the other hand it’s conceivable that they’re hesitant to pay. Regardless of whether they’re simply stalling, or they have an issue with your administration (or charging process), connect to shield things from turning crazy. Once more, some charging administrations handle this undertaking for you

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